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Tiny Feet

Quality Care for Your Little One

We provide a safe and nurturing care in an environment that stimulates exploration and discovery. 

Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to bonding with each child while serving as your direct point of contact for all of your child's daily needs.

Here's What We Offer


Immersive Curriculum

  • Stimulating Activities

  • Milestone and Development Monitoring

  • Theme Based Infant Curriculum

  • Conginitive and Language Development

  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills

  • Social and Emotional Development 

  • Engaging Lerning Experiences

Experience Early Learning Curriculum

Language Immersion

  • Once your child reaches 6 months we introduce them to our American Sign Language program which is incorporated in daily instruction.

  • We sing and learn in Spanish and Mandarin providing your child exposure to various languages.

All inclusive Diapers and Wipes

For your convenience we eliminate the stress of needing to send in diapers and wipes each week by providing them exclusively for you through the  Cuties Cares program. 


This initiative allows us to provide high quality hypoallergenic Diapers, Wipes and Training pants for infants and toddlers enrolled at Symphony Early Learning Center.

Individualized Learning Plan

Our Infant Teachers will work collectively with parents to develop a individualized learning plan suitable for each child's needs.

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