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Learn! Play! Discover!

Creating joyous experiences for your toddler as they grow and explore. We encourage them to harness their creativity through a stimulating and engaging activities. 

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Immersive Curriculum

  • Stimulating Activities

  • Milestone and Development Monitoring

  • Theme Based Infant Curriculum

  • Conginitive and Language Development

  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills

  • Social and Emotional Development 

  • Engaging Lerning Experiences

Experience Early Learning Curriculum

Language Immersion

Our American Sign Language program is incorporated in daily instruction.

Our Toddlers are also introduced to Spanish and Mandarin. Through songs and interactive activities.

Benefits our our Language Immersion Program

  • Increased cognitive skills.

  • Increased ability to adapt to various learning styles.

  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Exposure to diverse cultural experiences 

All Inclusive Diapers, Wipes and Training Pants

For your convenience we eliminate the stress of needing to send in diapers, wipes and training pants each week by providing them exclusively for you through the  Cuties Cares program. 

Toilet Training

As your child transitions into the Toilet Training stages of development our dedicated staff will work with your child to assist them in using the toilet.


We promote positive toileting practices by celebrating each milestone and giving a daily report of your child's toileting progress. 

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